Pointgreen Architects, Inc: About Us

Pointgreen Architects, Inc includes a multi-disciplinary team of architectural professionals who offer expertise to any building project. We are experienced in both commercial and residential developments, and our qualified team has successfully designed, planned and managed the construction process for many homes and buildings. All resulting in distinguished, elegant and modern designs that are as practical as they are visually appealing.

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The Pointgreen Architects, Inc Commitment

Our mission is based on providing design and architectural solutions that enhance the everyday lives of organizations and individuals. Through our methodical yet creative approach, Pointgreen Architects, Inc seeks to balance aesthetic considerations with useful function to meet and surpass the objectives of our clients. Our designers, architects, engineers and contract administrators apply practical and inventive expertise to effectively and handily manage any challenge or demand that may arise.

What our clients Have to say

“Working with PGA was a great experience for me and my wife. We were worried about the amount of time we have to spend with their team to talk about solutions, but PGA made it very easy, they were very prepared every time we met to discuss ideas. Pointgreen Architects, Inc seeks to balance aesthetic considerations with useful function to meet and surpass the objectives of their clients. “

- John K.

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Benefits of Complete Architectural Services

We cover everything, from needs assessment and site analysis; to design and construction management. Pointgreen Architects, Inc has a proven track record for developing customized strategies through our active collaboration with our clients. We take great pride in the project we undertake and remain dedicated to maintaining the highest of standards in the industry.

Some of our services include:

Maximize productivity and efficiency:

Our architects are smart. They know how to work efficiently and effectively. They also recognize the difference between the two. Effective work means doing the job correctly. Efficient work means accomplishing the task on time. Our architects do both! They are also able to speed up productivity levels because they understand budgets, labor costs, and city zoning. You’ll save a lot of time by using our services.

Develop preventive solutions:

We only hire the most experienced workers and so should you. Our architects can foresee potential complications and create quick and effective solutions. Whether it be a design issue or landscaping mishap, they will prevent possible problems that non-professionals would undoubtedly overlook.

Analyze building needs:

Architecture isn’t just about drawing sketches of houses or floorplans. A lot of work goes into creating, designing and remodeling buildings and homes. Our specialists take care of all the minor details the rest of us forget about, that is until one pops out of nowhere and wreaks havoc on your plans.