Substantial Performance of Construction

As a full-service architecture firm, Pointgreen Architects, Inc is able to provide our clients with a wide range of services. Our expertise does not end with the design of a building, so if you're in the construction phase we are still able to assist you.

Substantial performance of construction can be particularly useful, and is something everyone currently in the process of having a building constructed can benefit from.

Substantial Performance of Construction: The Basics

Substantial performance refers to the point in which a project has been completed enough that it can be used for its intended purpose. For example, if the project is the construction of a house, this point would come when it is up to code enough to support occupancy.

This is an exciting point in the construction, because it means the project is in its final stages and is almost complete. As a result, this is something clients understandably wish to be aware of as soon as it happens, and Pointgreen Architects, Inc can ensure you are kept in the loop throughout.

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Stay Up to Date with Pointgreen Architects, Inc

In order to guarantee that our clients are the first to know when the point of substantial performance has been reached, we provide regular progress reports. Through these detailed reports, clients are kept fully up to date on how their new building is coming along, and are notified of anything that requires their immediate attention.

Our progress reports also indicate if there has been a delay, which is an essential piece of information. Whether you're waiting for your new house to be finished or are wondering when your staff can move into their new office, you need to be knowledgeable of how things are moving.

Let us Handle Your Payments

We can also authorize staged payments on your behalf. These are payments that are made after certain stages have been completed on the project. For example, once the roof has been installed, the construction company receives payment for that portion of the project. This ensures you do not overpay for service, while allowing you to stay on top of your bills from start to finish.

Staged payments benefit everyone involved in a construction project. The construction company benefits by having a steady source of income throughout the project, while the client benefits by having a clearer sense of how much of the budget has been spent up to a certain point, making it easier to stay on track financially.

Get in Touch with Pointgreen Architects, Inc

For a company that will regularly update you on how your building's construction is going, trust the professionals at Pointgreen Architects, Inc. We have been helping clients stay on top of their construction projects for years, so if you are in need of a skilled company to provide you with all the necessary information, look no further.

To learn more about how our substantial performance services can benefit you, give us a call today.